Home Chargers

Dispelling the Myths around Electric Cars

Charging Your EV at Home

Most owners of electric cars install a faster charger at their home. Charging speeds can be up to 3 times faster than using the 3 pin electrical outlet and may also save on the cost of charging. There is currently a grant available to cover most of the cost of the home charger and installation, with many companies handling the administration for you.

pod point home charger

Pod Point Home Chargers

Pod Point home chargers.

rolec home chargers

Rolec Home Chargers

Rolec home chargers.

zappi home charger

Zappi Home Chargers

Zappi home chargers.

chargemaster home charger

Chargemaster Home Chargers

Chargemaster home chargers.

bmw i wallbox

BMW i Wallbox Home Chargers

BMW i Wallbox home chargers.

eomini home charger

EOmini Home Chargers

EOmini home chargers.

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