Renault Zoe

Super-mini sized car suitable for a small family car

Renault Zoe

  • Prices: £6'000 to £31'000
  • Battery: 22 kWh to 52 kWh
  • Charging: up to 50 kW
  • Range: 120 to 250 miles
  • Luggage: 338 to 1225 Litres

Renault Zoe Model History

Renault Zoe was introduced with a 90 bhp motor and a charging system that would work in many locations and different speeds using just one connector.

It came with a 22 kWh battery pack with a claimed range of 120 miles, with a realistic range of 80 miles. 

There are 2 variants, the Q210 and the R240.

The Q210 can charge at up to 43kW and has a claimed range of 210km ( 130 miles) and usually are badged “Intens”

The R240 can charge at up to 22kW and has a calimed range of 240km ( 149 miles) and are usually badged “Nav”

Renault added a 41 kWh battery pack to the Zoe, boosting the range to a claimed 250 miles giving a realistic range of 180 miles.

Renault also introduced new a version of the drive train. Although this could not rapid charge it was more energy efficient, boosting range even further. A good compromise for those who can charge at home.

Renault introduced a more powerful moter, trhe R90 was uprated to R110, giving 110 bhp

A major update to the Zoe including a 52kWh battery pack and CCS charging and a 135hp motor giving 0 to 60mph in under 10 seconds. Renault are saying that up to a third of the interior materials are recycled, for example recycled seatbelt material is used in the seat covers.

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