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Imagine The Future of Electric Cars

Imagine the future when we all drive electric cars, will you miss the fumes and the thrum of the neighbours car slowly warming up on their driveways at 6am on a cold and frosty morning? Imagine that elctric charging points are as common as petrol stations and charge at 150 kW giving your car the range boost of 1 mile per minute. Imagine the electric car that can warm itself up in the morning and has a range of 300 miles. Would you be happy to own an electric car?

The future is now, many electric cars already warm themselves in the morning, many electric cars can go 300 miles and Shell are introducing electric pumps at their service stations. Coal powered electricity generation provides less than 3% of our electricity, so the UK energy is getting cleaner, as over 30% comes from renewable sources. It is also expected that battery capacity will drop below $100 per kWh in 2019 or 2020, making EV’s much more affordable.

Why make a website about Electric Cars?

I am interested in the future of motoring and believe that to electric car will be our next mode of transport, which may develop further into fully automated cars. I believe at that point car ownership will rapidly decline. We will just program our destination into our mobile devices and the best combination of automated cars, buses and trains will whisk you to your destination.

But that’s our future. First we are to be making the switch from fossil fuelled cars to electric powered cars. Electric cars are cleaner than fossil fuelled cars when you compare like for like. If you include the production of electricity in your argument then you must include drilling for oil to fuel your fossil fuelled car. 

Why make this website? Due to my genuine interest i have been watching YouTube and reading news articles on electric cars. There are many sources and their views vary wildly. I wanted to have a record of the facts and figures along with some key YouTube videos and have it all in one place, not scattered all over the internet.

Why is There No Information on Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid cars have provided a stepping stone in the move from fossil fuelled cars to electric cars. When electric cars were struggling with ranges under 100 miles, hybrids were able to bridge the gap. But now with electric car range at almost 400 miles, the age of the hybrid is at an end. Why carry the extra weight and complexity of 2 fuels and 2 motors?

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